Porting an 03 number

OK, there is lots of talk about telephone number ‘porting’ but what does the term ‘porting’ actually mean? Quite simply phone number porting refers to the removal of your existing number Porting an 03 numberand its replacement with a brand new number, for instance, a 08 number to a 03 number.

Sounds technical? Despite sounding like a complicated procedure, porting your number to a 03 prefix is thankfully hassle-free. Taking no more than an hour to complete, porting to your new 03 phone number can be achieved without disruption to your daily business.

The Cost of Porting

Once you have chosen your new 03 telephone number and selected any additional features, you may need, for example, IVR or Disaster Recovery, the cost of physically porting your number typically doesn’t carry any extra cost.

As you are probably aware, the cost for your callers to use your ported 03 number comes in at the price of a standard local rate call (current prices are around 9p per minute from landlines and 8 to 40p per minute from mobiles.) Therefore, the cost of porting a new prefix such as 03, won’t charge your callers any extra either.

Porting to a 03 – commonly raised questions

  • Do I need any extra technical equipment when porting my telephone number?
    No, not at all – your existing phone set-up is all that is required.
  • Will an engineer have to visit when my number is being transferred?
    Not, the whole process can be handled off-site – leaving you to get on with your daily business.
  • Porting to an 03 numberWhat happens to the marketing literature I already have printed?
    Any existing material featuring your previous telephone number can still be used. Gradual integration can take place at a pace to suit your organisation’s needs. Any calls made to your old number will be cleverly yet simply redirected. This process is often referred to a ‘call forwarding’.
  • Does it matter that my previous telephone number was issued by a different provider?
    Obtaining a new contact number from a different number provider is commonplace and does not create any obstacles.

Are you ready to port to a 03?

If you have chosen or are prepared to select a 03 number and would like to start the process of porting, 03 Numberstore can help. If you have any further questions regarding the porting procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact the 03 Numberstore team.