1st July and Ofcoms New Legislations

Non-Geographic numbers. Why choose an 03 rather than 08?

What are Non-Geographic Numbers?

Before exploring the benefits of an 03 telephone number it is sensible to outline what a non-geographic number actually is. Quite simply, a non-geographic or NGN number provides businesses and organisations with a national presence. Unlike local phone numbers, NGNs such the 03 range do not tie you to any one specific location – creating a UK-wide, high-profile status in an instant.

Of course, there are plenty of other advantages attached to both advertising a non-geographic number and indeed calling one. From the setting up of dedicated customer service lines to running that all-important marketing campaign. However, before we go any further hold this thought. Calling an 03 number costs no more than the price of a local 01 or 02 number. So, that’s a national presence for you and inexpensive phone calls for your customers – everyone’s happy.

A little more about 03 numbers

Along with their counterpart numbers of 08, the 03 range of prefixes offer a variety of uses, for example 0300s which are dedicated especially for the non-for-profit sector through to the 0345 which can be used independently or in conjunction with their 0845 equivalent – a cost-effective way to circulate those marketing campaigns or second point of contact.

1st July Ofcom Legislation

If you were undecided whether to choose an 03 or 08 number before, then the 1st July legislation released by the market regulator Ofcom may help you to make up your mind. Are you aware that from 1st July 2015 all organisations using a service number beginning 08, 09 or 118 have to display their call charges wherever their contact number is advertised. Just imagine the hassle and expense of amending all online marketing, branded literature, vehicles, leaflets….literally everything.

Thankfully those opting for an 03 number can breathe a huge sigh of relief as this full range of prefixes can be used freely with no need to advertise provider charges along the way. What’s more, as 03s cost no more than a local rate call, your customers can rest assured that they won’t be charged an astronomical amount for contacting you.

0800/0808 call costs – following the Ofcom ruling the cost of calling an 0800 or 0808 number is completely free of charge from landlines and mobiles. Great news for callers, not such good news for you. If you have one of these 08s in place, you may not be quite so delighted when opening the massively increased bill for receiving them.

Features, Features, Features

Despite being charged at just the rate of a local call, rest assured, 03s aren’t lacking in features. In fact, you will enjoy just as many supporting cloud-based services as you would will an alternative 08 non-geographic number. From one-click disaster recovery to real-time reporting and call recording, with an 03, there is no reason to ever miss a call.

It’s your choice

Choosing which 03 is right for your business really is your decision, however our dedicated team is always happy to offer their professional advice. Please note that installing your new number is straightforward too – no extra equipment, no engineers and no downtime to your day.