0370 numbers

0370 numbers

are part of the 03 range of non-geographic telephone numbers and can be easy integrated into your existing phone system. Thankfully, no extra equipment will be required and there are no needs for an engineer to visit. In fact, you can make the switch in a matter a hassle-free minutes.

0370 Numbers – who uses them?

0370 numbersAs with most other numbers in the 03 range of telephone numbers, 0370 numbers are typically used by businesses of all sizes – large and small. One of the primary benefits attached to 0370s is that they are known as non-geographic numbers. This means your callers won’t automatically associate your number/business with one particular UK location.

Unlike a local (geographic) telephone number such as 01 or 02, having a 0370 prefix gives your company a real national presence. Also to achieving a UK-wide footprint, non-geographic numbers such as 0370 have extensive marketing potential too. Just imagine having the flexibility to assign specific 0370 numbers to individual campaigns throughout the UK.

The Cost of calling a 0370

Are you aware that calling a 0370 number typically costs your callers no more than the price of a local (geographic) call which is:

  • Up to 9p per minute from a landline (based on BT rates)
  • Between 8p and 40p from a mobile (depending on the service provider)

Inclusive Minutes

Unlike many 08 numbers, 03 numbers including 0370s are usually included within ‘inclusive minutes’ packages for landlines and mobiles. Most landline providers have ‘free to call’ package times featuring 0370 number‘inclusive minutes’. Likewise, the majority of mobile providers have a portfolio of ‘free to call’ options. Therefore, your callers can contact you safe in the knowledge they are not accumulating a huge phone bill.

Are you ready to choose your 0370 number?

Picking your new 0370 number is simple and thankfully making the change is pretty straightforward. Depending on how memorable you want your new 0370 number to be may influence which numbers you would like to follow the 0370 prefix. Some people like to select a number similar to that of their existing number, some like to choose a number they like the look and sound of and some are simply happy with a number starting with the 0370 prefix. It is up to you.

Existing Marketing Material

Thankfully it is still possible to use existing marketing material following the implementation of your new 0370 telephone number. Clever call redirection means that all calls made to your old phone number are instantly directed to your new 0370 contact. The great thing is that leave you the time to alter marketing material at a pace that suits you and your budget.