0345 numbers

It is safe to say that 0345 numbers have affordability on their side. But that is not all they have to offer your business. As you are probably aware, 03 numbers are used by many organisations as a more affordable option to their more expensive counterparts. Typically costing no more than a standard geographic (01 or 02) call, 03 telephone numbers give you national presence and your callers an inexpensive call rate. Therefore, many companies like to use this new 0345 business phone number to its full marketing potential.

The 0345 range of numbers is part of a sub-range of numbers in place to ease the migration from equivalent 0845 prefixes. What is more, unlike other 03 numbers, 0345 are not assigned to one particular sector. Therefore, they are readily available to all.

Already using a 0845?

0345 numberAre you aware that in many cases your existing 0845 number can be exchanged with the equivalent 0345 number? That means the main body of your phone number remains the same, the only aspect to change is the actual prefix, for example:

0845 123 1234 would then become 0345 123 1234

However, this is not always possible – it all depends on your original telephone number provider. However, you are typically able to pick a primary number of your choosing. Lots of people opt for numbers they think their callers will find most memorable, in fact, chosen carefully, your new number can act as simple yet cleverly effective marketing tool.

Changing to a 0345 number

Your 0345 step-by-step guides:

  1. Choose your 0345 telephone number (either 0845 equivalent or an entirely different option).
  2. Don’t worry about any extra equipment, you won’t need any – your existing setup will be ok.
  3. With no need for extra equipment there is no need for an engineer to visit, your changeover can be handled completely off-site.
  4. 0345 numbersPhysically changing/establishing your 0345 number takes minutes and certainly no longer than an hour.
  5. Existing marketing material featuring your old contact numbers can still be used. Simple routing allows calls via your previous number to be easily redirected to your new 0345 option.

Ready to choose your 0345 number?

Making the change to a 0345 or establishing a brand new 0345 number is thankfully straightforward.

The first step is to handpick your new 0345 number and don’t forget to find out more about the prefix and supporting services.