0330 numbers

0330 numbers are part of the wider 03 number range and are an ideal option for organisations or businesses establishing a contact number. These numbers do not tend to be used by the ‘Third Sector’ or ‘non-for-profit’ concerns, they are however utilised as business telephone numbers – by companies large and small.

0330 numbers

It is not only your telephone number that is attached to the prefix 0330; there are many benefits linked to it too, for instance:

  • 0330 numberA non-geographic status for your business. Unlike local geographic number such as 01 or 02, 0330 numbers do not restrict your company to any one location – excellent for marketing purposes and for creating a national presence.
  • The Standard cost of calling a 0330 is typically no more than the price of a local call, which currently stands at 9p per minute or between 8p – 40p per minute from mobiles.
  • Cheaper call costs – the great thing is that (unlike 08 numbers) 0330 telephone numbers are included within the inclusive minute package for mobiles and landlines. That means your callers can contact you safe in the knowledge their call isn’t generating a huge bill.

Ready to choose your 0330 number?

With typically thousands of number combinations to choose from there is an 0330 option to suit all needs – whether you are looking for a memorable sequence of figures, a number that resembles your previous phone number or just want a new 0330.

Supporting Features with 0330

Remember, the supporting features that are available with other non-geographic and geographic numbers are also within reach when choosing a 0330.

Let’s have a look at just some of the telecom features on offer:

  • 0330 numbersDisaster Recovery – ensuring you never miss a call, even in a technical emergency
  • Auto Attendant – for example, Press 1 for enquiries, Press 2 for customer services & so on…
  • Mid-Call Transfer – ensuring callers always reach the right person at the right time
  • Call Queuing – making sure callers are connected with the utmost efficiency

Of course, these are merely a handful of the ways in which you can support your 0330 number and ensure you never miss a call. Why not find out more?

Changing to a 0330

Transferring or establishing a 0330 telephone number is thankfully straightforward. Once you have chosen your number, the changeover takes literally minutes. No extra equipment is required, and there is no need for an engineer to visit.

You can use existing marketing material

Any advertising material or organizational literature featuring your previous phone number can still be used. Simple re-routing means that all calls to your old number can be redirected to your new number. So, you can make any changes gradually.