0300 numbers

0300 numbers are expressly designed for use within the charity sector, not-for-profit organisations and public bodies such as local councils, the BBC and police. You will also find that government departments and the UK regulator ‘Ofcom’ also use the 0300 prefix for their main number.

0300s are utilised by charities both large and small, some of the many names who have already made the move are RSPCA, Oxfam, Cancer Research UK, Unicef, Relate and Alzheimer’s Research UK. Why not add your name to the ever-expanding list of charities switching to 0300?

Ofcom Promote Charity-Friendly Prices

0300 numberUnlike 0800 numbers, 0300 are included in pre-established mobile minutes, therefore, can typically work out free to call. Affordability is an aspect that is recognised and promoted by Ofcom as they suggest,

‘Ofcom is actively encouraging public and non-for-profit bodies to use 03 numbers. These cost no more to call than a geographic (01 or 02) number, and must be included in a customers’ inclusive minutes or discount schemes’.

That means essential services can be accessible with the utmost affordability.

0300 require official registration

As 0300 numbers are assigned specifically for the charity, not-for-profit and the public sector they cannot be issued without official documentation. That means, for example, the registration of a 0300 requires an official charity number.

Other criteria

Other criteria that allows the use of 0300 numbers:

  • If you have a website ending in .gov.uk. Having one of these confirms the eligibility of many public bodies set up between updates of the relevant lists.
  • If you have a website ending in .nhs.uk. This negates the worries Ofcom has regarding the use of chargeable numbers by the public health services.
  • If you have a charitable status in Northern Ireland. Currently there is no register of charities in northern ireland, but the Department for Social Development for Northern Ireland gives guidance for charities. The guidance states that documentary proof of charitable status is provided by the official letter granting charitable status for tax purposes. (http://www.dsdni.gov.uk/index/publications/charities_advice.htm )

So, when your callers call your 0300 to access a service or make a donation, they can rest assured, that they are contacting a reputable organisation.

Thinking of moving to a 0300?

Thankfully, making the move from your existing phone number to a 0300 number is pretty straightforward. 03 Numberstore will direct you towards services capable of making the switch quickly and affordably. (we recommend numbersupermarket.co.uk for all your 0300 needs)

Switching to 0300 – quick & hassle-free

0300 numbersThere are many commonly asked questions when making the change to a 0300 telephone number. For your convenience, we have highlighted some of those most regularly raised.

  • Is extra telephone equipment required?
    No, not at all, your current setup will do just fine – so there’s no need to invest in expensive products.
  • Will my existing marketing material (featuring old phone numbers) be wasted?
    Existing marketing material can still be used while you gradually introduce new literature featuring your new number – simple routing comes into play, ensuring all calls get through.
  • How long will the changeover take?
    Physically transferring to a 0300 telephone number takes minutes. Also, there is no need for any engineers to visit. All that is needed are the details of your existing provider – it is that simple.