03 number call costs

Here at 03 Numberstore we understand that keeping an eye on exactly how much telephone numbers cost to call can be confusing. That is why we have put together the following guide to the prices of calling an 03 contact number.

Compared to their more expensive 08 counterparts 03 numbers are much more affordable. Calls via a 03 number cost no more than calls made to local (geographic) numbers for example 01 or 02.

03 Call Costs – your at-a-glance guide

  • 03 number call costsMuch like geographic numbers, 03 calls must be included within allocated mobile minutes.
  • Calls to a 03 number from a (BT) landline is currently 9p per minute and calls from mobiles are charged at between 8p and 40p per minute.
  • 03 numbers are included in free call packages from both landlines and mobiles.

So, let’s have a look at exactly how 03s can be based on today’s typical market prices – to illustrate this 03 Numberstore has chosen to highlight specific deals typically available to most callers.

Cost of calling from a landline:

Based on phone & broadband package prices it is reassuring to know that there is a multitude of inclusive minutes, evening & weekend deals and ‘anytime’ deals available, two examples of which are:

  • Sky Talk Anytime – currently priced at around £15.00* per month this option includes ‘unlimited’ call time. That means all callers on such a package can call your 03 telephone number without charge.
  • BT Unlimited Anytime – similarly, this package costs approximately £15* per month, and much like Sky allows callers to contact 03 numbers within allocated free time.

However, if calling outside of any pre-established free/allocated call time, it is reassuring to know that your callers will be paying no more than local call rate of approximately 9p per minute.

Cost of calling from a mobile:

03 number call costsFirst let’s consider the 03 calling costs from a mobile when allocated minutes are not in place. As you will discover, these prices do vary depending on mobile providers.

  • Vodafone’s standard charge (including their one-minute minimum fee) is currently around 45p.
  • Talk Talk standard cost comes in at 11.5p per minute.
  • O2 standard charge is approximately 35p per minute.

Despite ‘standard rates’ being in place, it is refreshing to consider that most callers have free mobile minutes in place – ensuring 03 numbers are a real affordable number to dial.

However, if callers are contacting you via a 03 phone number outside of any pre-established free/allocated call time, it is reassuring to know that your callers may well be paying as little as 8p per minute.

*Please note that all statistics were sourced from www.uSwitch.com and were correct as of September 2014.